Racial Profiling is on the Rise in New York.

Below is a link to a site where a group of NYPD cops are plotting to kill me so I can no longer share the truth about police corruption with you. theerant.yuku.com For some strange reason every time I see a traffic stop in which the vehicle is being searched for guns and drugs by undercover cops, the occupants are always black or Latino. In most cases they are let go because they didn’t do anything wrong in the first place and there were no illegal items in the vehicle. This is the reason why minorities make up most of the prison population, not because they are born criminals or savages like some people would have you believe. It is because we are the only race that is being hunted on a daily basis to fuel the booming prison industry which investors can buy stock in and make money off of the work the inmate does for 15 cents an hour, food sold to inmates and the phone calls they make to their loved ones. They have used movies industry and rap video to make it appear to you that minorities are all crimianls in real life and it is not just entertainment . These so called random stop and searches are made to look as if they are keeping the public safe from criminals, when in fact they are just targeting people primarily based on their skin color. If you notice in all my videos, the motorist are almost always young minority males that somehow have done something to make a cop think guns or drugs is in their vehicle. I see this happen all to often and it has to stop now.