Queensland police corrupt search warrant racket

7 News Australia broadcast finally exposing some of the well known police corruption, part of which involves illegal search warrants in the Queensland state police force. This is a widespread practice that goes way beyond the Gold Coast, has been going on for years, and this report is just a tiny tip of the iceberg of corruption. Even the Crime Commission ( and Argos) who’s real job is to INVESTIGATE POLICE AND GOVERNMENT CORRUPTION does this exact “bogus search warrant” process to civilians, often in partnership with the regular police.of journalists (Crime Commission is also highly experienced in tampering with electronic evidence such as hard drives, memory cards etc to help manufacture convictions) Usually it’s victims are people who speak out against corruption or illegal activity in the State government /judiciary or other departments and need to be discredited or taught a lesson. As spoken in the video, CMC can conduct “secret hearings” that breach basic legal rights such as the right to silence, right to legal representation – it is an offense to even TELL anyone including your family or solicitor that you have been ordered to appear at the secret hearing) that have been the basis of the justice system for generations. They also now have the power to hold secret interrogations of journalists (Arrogantly called “Star chamber for journalists” by the state government) , After 2 nights, this story was dropped like a hot potato and the press now avoid the topic. They