Politicians Need to Answer the Cries of a Bronx Community

The Politicians are remaining silent as a Bronx community is left on their own to protest against the police brutality. The last few weeks has presented a different type of challenge for the Bronx county residents. Drug dealers have the residents scared and they are staying indoors and the police are treating everyone like a criminal. Justice, all but silent as the cries for peace in the Bronx goes unheard by the politicians. 1240 Walton Avenue is not the only area where things need to change, several months ago a man was shot to death on the corner of Mount Hope Place and Morris Avenue, and there still are no police on patrol in the area. The City Councilman still has not made any official statement to the residents of this Bronx community, so he should not be voted back into office in 2009. The residents have to learn that a person who cares needs to be elected here in the Bronx because justice needs to be present in the community. If the politicians are silent except during the election year then they need to be ousted. If someone is going to make a change it has to be someone familiar with the problems of the community by having lived in the community. There can never be justice if the death of a Youngman and police brutality is allowed to continue without consequences. Protesting injustice is a great start, but there must be a continuance and a campaign in the community to fight against police brutality. If the local courts and the police department do not take the community seriously, a complaint needs to be filed with the State department to ensure satisfaction. No longer can the law be allowed to do whatever they fell like it, no longer should any resident be spoken to by the police without respect and it just be brushed under the rug. Police protection should be diversified and every African American, Latino, or minority should not be treated like criminal. The resident who goes to work must pay taxes to the City to pay the salary for these same police officers who treat them with ill manner and a lack of respect.

The vote of a community is what makes the change, no more four-year free riders in the City Councils office. The complaints of verbal brutality have gone unheard and now a young man is dead as a result. The Youngman did have a weapon but what happened to shooting not to kill? The blue wall cannot be allowed to be stronger than doing right by the community that pays for protection. The Tremont Avenue station bag checks with ten to twelve police officers in the train station is now making people nervous, the trust in the police protecting the community has been tarnished. The politician who is the mediator should be here making statements, not choosing sides but saying something to comfort the community. Let them not forget 2009 is around the corner and elect someone who is going to make a change. NYC as a whole has the same politicians, doing the same thing year after year. There come’s a time when things that are not working should be moved along so a change can come.

Arthur L Burton III, CEO of www.paypalsoutlet.com, and Author of three published Novels; www.arthurlburton.com