Police Officers Raid Mayors Home Kill His Two Dogs

Visit us on FaceBook: www.facebook.com Police Officers and your rights: policecrimes.com Know your rights, never talk to police officers! 2008 – The FBI has begun an investigation into the actions of police officers who raided the home of a Maryland mayor, killing his dogs and tying up his family, The Washington Post reported Friday. The police cleared the mayor and his wife of all charges Friday, but it is unclear whether that development will end the FBI’s probe of possible violations of the couple’s civil rights. The agency’s investigation was a request from Berwyn Heights Mayor Cheye Calvo and his wife Trinity Tomsic, who said that the unwarranted attack by law enforcement officials illustrates the deeper problems with county police. “We have witnessed a frightening law enforcement culture in which the law is disregarded, the rights of innocent occupants are ignored and the rights of innocent animals mean nothing,” Calvo said. “A shadow was cast over our good names. We were harmed by the very people who took an oath to protect us.” County police said they would cooperate with the investigation. “We’ve tried to establish a pattern of transparency and clarity about the way in which we do our work, and I’m sure the chief will be cooperative and forthcoming in any investigation,” Prince George’s police spokeswoman Sharon Taylor said yesterday. The FBI has already begun “reviewing the events that occurred at Mr. Calvo’s residence,” said Richard J. Wolf, spokesman for the