Police Officers Like This Cop Shouldn’t Be Allowed to Live Pig Tasers Handcuffed Man

Police Officers and your rights: policecrimes.com Know your rights never talk to police officers and NEVER open your door to cops when they knock. Troy Police Chief Bob McLeod Tasers handcuffed and already detained man for using profanity and talking. The City of Troy reached a $100000 settlement Thursday with a man who filed suit in 2009 accusing an officer of excessive use of force in a November 2007 Taser incident. Troy resident AJ Haflich filed the complaint against officer Bob McLeod, who has since been promoted to chief, for Tasering him while his hands were cuffed behind his back and he was seatbelted in the backseat of a patrol cruiser. Haflich said McLeod Tasered him as punishment for raising his voice and using profanity after his arrest. McLeod argued that he deployed his Taser because, after opening the cruiser’s rear door, Haflich moved into a position to kick him. Haflich said he hopes the settlement will open the eyes of local citizens who showed disapproval of his lawsuit. “He obviously did something wrong for them to want to settle,” he said Monday. McLeod said he would have rather seen the case go to court. The decision, however, was up to the counsel of the city’s insurance carrier, the Montana Municipal Interlocal Authority. McLeod’s attorney did not immediately return a voicemail on Monday. “I’m disappointed that they settled out of court because I don’t feel justice was served,” McLeod said. “We do things for the justice system all the time in hopes