Police Officer Steals Court Papers Deputy Adam Stoddard Maricopa County

NEVER talk to police officers know your rights policecrimes.com NEVER open your door to the police brutality Police Officer Adam Stoddard Maricopa County The Arizona Court of Appeals ruled this morning that Maricopa County detention officer Adam Stoddard, who has been in jail for nearly 10 days for contempt of court, should be freed. In the ruling, the three-judge panel granted Stoddard’s freedom but said it has not yet decided on the original order that put him there. That means Stoddard could be back in jail if the court decides to uphold the decision by the lower-court judge. Stoddard went to jail on Dec. 1 after being found in contempt for taking a confidential document from the files of defense attorney Joanne Cuccia while her back was turned in court. Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Gary Donahoe told Stoddard he could avoid going to jail or get out at any time if he held a news conference to publicly apologize to Cuccia. However, Stoddard defied the judge’s request and instead surrendered to the custody of his own agency, the sheriff’s office, which placed him in an undisclosed location during his incarceration. Today’s ruling means Stoddard will not spend the holidays in jail. The court will not decide whether to send him back until at least Jan. 5. police chase police search police abuse don’t talk police remain silent filming police videotaping police cops filming police officers police corruption Police Forum policecrimes.com racial profile racist racism