Police Officer Playing on Computer Crashes into Motorcycle

Police Officers and your rights: policecrimes.com Know your rights never talk to police officers and NEVER open your door to cops when they knock. A man who sued the City of Austin after a police car hit his motorcycle and injured him will receive a $250000 settlement. Louis Olivier , 75 , was injured when officer Damon Dunn ran a stop sign at Magazine Street and Lamplight Village Avenue in far North Austin in May 2010 , according to the lawsuit that Olivier filed in December . At the time, Dunn was entering information on a laptop in his patrol car, the suit said. The City Council approved the settlement at its Thursday meeting. Dashbord video released by police showed Dunn leaving a residential area, traveling through an intersection and striking Olivier, who was wearing a helmet. The city’s ban on texting while driving, which took effect in January 2010 , exempts public safety personnel who use wireless devices while on duty. Guy Watts , Olivier’s attorney, said Olivier suffered injuries to his right leg in the wreck and can’t walk without assistance. Olivier’s medical expenses are close to $1 million , Watts said. State law prohibits the city from paying more than $250000 for personal injury lawsuits that involve negligence, Watts said. Dunn is still working at the department but was suspended for three days for his actions in the wreck, a police spokeswoman said. Olivier also sued TriTech Software Systems, the manufacturer of the city’s computer assisted dispatch