Police Officer Ian Birk Shoots and Murders Woodcarver John Williams in Seattle

Second video here: www.youtube.com FOUR-POINT-six seconds. That was the amount of time John T. Williams had to respond to Seattle police officer Ian Birk’s order to put down his legal three-inch carving knife before Birk unloaded five lethal rounds into his back on August 30. “Four seconds to death” read the headbands of protesters during the recent inquest into his death. SEATTLE – An attorney for the family of a First Nations woodcarver shot to death by a Seattle police officer says the man was struck by four bullets on his right side. The King County Medical Examiner’s report on the shoooting indicates that John Williams was not facing the police officer when he was shot Aug. 30, attorney Tim Ford said. When asked if this means Williams did not pose a threat to the officer, Ford said, “He was shot from the right side, he was not facing the officer, I’ll let you draw your own conclusion.” The report also shows that Williams arrived at the Medical Examiner’s office in handcuffs, hands behind his back. It also notes that a pair of headphones attached to an AM-FM radio were found with Williams’ body. Seattle police have previously said that Officer Ian Birk fired four rounds from a distance of nine to 10 feet after warning Williams to drop a 3-inch knife he used for carving. Police officers NEVER talk to them know your rights policecrimes.com police brutality police search police abuse don’t talk police remain silent filming the police videotaping police cops filming the