Police, League City, Texas (Part 2) “serving” a warrant on my wife who wasn’t home. 8-11-11

This is after they let me out of the police car where I’d been sitting handcuffed with the car turned off in the 102 degree Texas heat. They did crack the window. :) As you can hear they continued their Gestapo tactics threatening me and using obscenities. I know there is no video because my video camera was in my pocket but I uploaded this here because I’m afraid they will destroy my computer at some point. The day following this they pulled me over, again my wife was not with me, and continued to harass us. That same day we were downtown with a bails bondsman bonding my wife in and out when an Undercover Houston Police Officer showed up and tried to arrest her. While she was posting bond!!! The clerk and bondsman both said they had never seen anything like it. The League City Police had seen her name pop up in the system and called HPD to try to arrest her before she could post bond. They didn’t want justice they wanted her behind bars. Because they were embarrassed that they attacked our home without reasonable proof that my wife was at home. My wife of 23 years is 41 years old and the mother of two sons, both in college the oldest Suma Cum Laude in his senior year at the University of Texas. They weren’t attacking a Crack House. We deserve better from the people that we PAY to PROTECT and SERVE us.