Police Chase Through School Zone Dash Cam Video High Speed Chase

Police dash cam video shows a high-speed chase that passed a Des Moines school zone filled with students. Officers said the chase began after a routine traffic stop just before 3 pm on Tuesday, when a Des Moines officer patrolling the city’s south side pulled over a gray Toyota sedan. Instead of pulling over, detectives said, Jasmine Walk, 24, took off. Dashcam video shows Walk’s vehicle speeding west on Porter Avenue and through a school zone in front of Lincoln South Academy. The video shows school children boarding buses as the car careens by. “The suspect vehicle makes an unsafe pass of this vehicle across the double yellow line through the school zone,” said Des Moines police Sgt. Jeff Edwards. Officers said the driver tried to make a getaway on Southwest 14th Street but didn’t get far. “A good Samaritan here pulls across the street, preventing the suspect from escaping,” Edwards said. “Officers came out, weapons drawn. They don’t know what the person’s running for.” policecrimes.com Police chase videos police brutality police corruption shootout chase fight police cars sex abuse security cops crimes gun misconduct caught on video law enforcement deputy traffic stop rights cop police shoot out police jobs police chase Taser arrest misconduct civil rights handcuffs kill death harassment shooting corruption law complaint sheriff excessive force radar speeding police department traffic stop rights