Police Brutality: Woman Badger Fan Tasered For Sitting in Isle

Police Brutality: Madison Wisconsin– Video of a woman fan who was subjected to a taser during a Badger football game suggests the incident created chaos. The videotape recorded by eyewitness Seth Dahmen captures fans yelling at UW police officers over police handling of ejected fan Margaret Hiebing. Hiebing, 54, a long time season ticket holder who had not been drinking, was ejected from Camp Randall stadium during the Oct. 11 game against Penn State after she was discovered sitting in a stadium aisle, with her seat occupied by someone else. Authorities said a taser was used to subdue Heibing. “She was lying on the ground face down and she was still kind of squirming, so they tasered her on the back of the calf.” “I was shocked. I couldn’t believe it, it was just really (a) scary sight.” Dahmen said a police officer initially threatened Hiebing with pepper spray when Hiebing refused to leave the stadium seating area. Former Wisconsin Department of Justice Training and Standards Director Dennis Hanson told 27 News the use of a taser is an accepted intermediate option when the subject of police commands is not cooperating. “There are hand tactics, compliance holds, and pain tactics that are deployed first,” Hanson said. Hanson said factors such as thick, layered clothing can sometimes prevent officers from using less aggressive tactics than a taser. While not familiar with the October Camp Randall incident, Hanson said officers may have had to force Hiebing into the prone