Police Brutality State Trooper South Carolina

NEVER talk to police officers know your rights policecrimes.com A White highway patrol trooper in South Carolina was fired after a video camera in his patrol car showed him shoving, cursing and threatening to cut the clothes off a Black woman he stopped for speeding. Lance Corporal WH Beckwith, an 11-year patrol veteran, stopped Sandra Antor, 26, a Florida woman who was traveling to North Carolina, for speeding. Beckwith stopped Antor when he saw her driving 80 mph in a 65 mph zone. Beckwith’s patrol car had a video camera that turns on with the lights and sirens. The state trooper was driving an unmarked patrol car and was required by patrol policy and procedure to pull alongside the vehicle he was trying to stop. Also, he stayed behind Antor’s car for eight miles until she stopped. Antor maintained she didn’t stop for seven minutes after the blue lights and siren were turned on because she had no idea who he was, she was heard saying on the tape. inally, when she stopped, Beckwith approached her car with his gun drawn and tried to drag her out of the car while she was still fastened in her seatbelt. He pulled her out of the car, making her fall half way out of the door onto the pavement, pushed her face down on the ground, and while screaming and cursing at her, ordered her to lie down as he tried to handcuff her. Antor’s clothes got in the way, and he was heard saying on the tape, “If I can’t get it off, I’ll cut it off.” NEVER open your door to the police brutality