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NEVER talk to police officers know your rights policecrimes.com A Brooklyn cop convicted of trying to bash a handcuffed suspect in the face with a police radio will not do prison time, a judge ruled yesterday. Officer Charles Dorcent was found guilty of attempted assault last month and faced up to 18 months behind bars. But Dorcent, 36, got an unexpected boost when the victim, Anthony Carty, said in a probationary report that the now-ex-cop should be spared jail. “There was a request he serve jail time; however, the victim didn’t think he should be separated from his family,” said Assistant District Attorney Charles Guria. Brooklyn Supreme Court Justice Albert Tomei decided that losing his NYPD career and pension was adequate punishment for Dorcent in the August 2002 incident near Prospect Park. The ex-cop’s family and friends let out a burst of applause when Tomei announced that Dorcent would get a conditional discharge. The former cop didn’t get off the hook without a scolding, however. “I want to tell you something, Officer Dorcent: You need anger management,” Tomei bellowed. Outside the courtroom, Dorcent disagreed. “I don’t think I do. I’m not a violent person.” NEVER open your door to the police brutality police search police abuse don’t talk police remain silent filming NYPD police videotaping police cops filming police officers police corruption police chase Police Forum policecrimes.com racial profile racist racism police misconduct police shootout radar traffic