Police Brutality: Legless in Wheelchair Tasered and Exposed

A legless unarmed man suspected of domestic abuse and charged with resisting arrest was Tasered by the City of Merced. After effectuating this arrest the report states the police left the man nude from the waist down for several minutes in front of a small crowd. No explanation was given of what the arrestee did that made the police fear for their own safety or the safety of fellow officers. The person arrested is a 40-year-old double leg amputee. He said Williams was stunned once for less than five seconds, causing him to release his grip on his wheelchair so that officers could handcuff him. Andrade called it “unfortunate” that Williams’ genitals were exposed to his neighbors and said officers didn’t mean to humiliate him. The Taser device can release up to 50000 volts of electricity.