Police Brutality: Handcuffed & Punched Repeatedly In The Face (W/Sound)

A Milwaukee County sheriff’s sergeant was convicted Tuesday of beating a suspect handcuffed inside a squad car, where a video camera recorded the entire incident. Scott Krause, 38, was arrested Oct. 16, within hours of when Ray Calderon had complained to sheriff’s officials about being slugged in the face after he asked to use the restroom. Four days later, Krause was charged with misdemeanor battery and misconduct in public office, a felony. He pleaded no contest to both charges Tuesday, was found guilty, and faces up to nine months in jail on the battery and up to 3½ years in prison on the felony at his sentencing March 5. Deputy District Attorney Kent Lovern said his office would recommend prison but not a specific term. Lovern said the video is clear and explicit. “Obviously, such conduct is completely unacceptable . . . and intolerable for a law enforcement officer,” he said after the plea hearing. He said he planned to play the dash cam video at the sentencing but declined news media requests for the video. His office has reviewed the actions of three other deputies on duty at the jail at the time of the incident and decided no further criminal charges were warranted. Sheriff’s Capt. Aisha Barkow said the three remain on administrative duty pending an internal investigation. Krause, who has been free on bail and suspended with pay since his arrest, appeared in court with his attorney, Michael Steinle; neither wished to comment after the hearing, held before Circuit