Police Brutality Cops Beating and Kicking Man

Police Officers and your rights: policecrimes.com Know your rights, never talk to police officers! Myra Smith’s son told his mother that he doesn’t want to be a police officer when he grows up. Not anymore. Not after what he saw go down in front of his house two weeks ago. “He was sitting with a huge pool of blood,” she says of the June 23 incident. “I was like, ‘Oh my goodness, what did they do to him?’ My son said, ‘Ma, they were just kicking him and kicking him.'” According to published reports of the incident, police believe Donaby had a gun. Video footage obtained by the Advocate captures 1:01 minutes of action. It does not show what transpired prior to police apprehending Donaby. But the video does show two police officers punching, kicking and stomping a man who at the time is apparently not fighting back and stepping back once additional cops arrive. Although the video was taken from a second-story window across the street, Donaby is on the ground, moaning, crying out for his attackers to stop. In the first 20 seconds of the video, a white cop kicks him four times, punches him twice, kicks him four more times, stomps on him, kicks him three more times, and stomps on him twice while the other cop holds him down. At one point, while Donaby is flat on his stomach, one officer picks him up by his hair and slams his head on the ground while the other kicks him in the torso. “Put your hands behind your back,” one cop says as Donaby is being kicked. “Put your hands