Police Brutality: Cop Slams Cuffed Kid’s Head On Concrete, Lies To EMS

Police Brutality: Ty Pikyevit is the victim of police brutality and excessive force. He has now filed a lawsuit against the deputy and the sheriff’s office. The case goes back to an incident last May in Millard County, and the entire event was recorded on the deputy’s dash cam. Ty Pikyavit was 19 years old at the time. He says a deputy should never treat someone the way a Millard County deputy treated him. Pikyavit, the teenager seen in the video being handcuffed, admits he was drunk and doesn’t remember what was happening. But after seeing what happened, he’ll never forget. “It’s just something you can’t believe until you see it, and I really couldn’t believe it,” he said. Pikyavit was passed out on the side of a Fillmore Street last May when his girlfriend found him and started walking him home. A man picked them up to drive them but was pulled over by Millard County deputy Clete Carter, who ordered them out of the truck. Even though Pikyavit said he couldn’t stand, the deputy still wanted him to. That’s when the alleged brutality happened. Pikyavit said, “Well yeah, I could say I was angry about it, just how they treated me. It wasn’t right at all.” Pikyavit and his attorney say what you see in the video is bad enough, but what really bothers them is what happened when paramedics and other deputies arrived. They say Carter lied about what exactly happened. On the video, Carter said, “Get him cuffed, and he starts turning around, can’t even stand up. I’m trying to lean