Police and Government Lies and Steals You Own Nothing SLAVE!

Delaware State Police are conducting an internal investigation into last week’s confrontation between a Radnor Green family and a state trooper after the family’s basketball hoop was removed by DelDOT because it was in the state’s right of way. Rep. Bryon Short, D-Highland Woods, said he is working to get the McCafferty family their basketball hoop back and have a fine against the family waived. He said he is investigating the law that brought about the removal. Short said he is reserving comment about Friday’s confrontation on Hilldale Court until he has more information. “I’m working on behalf of a constituent,” he said. State police declined to comment or identify the officer involved, citing an internal investigation into a complaint by the McCaffertys. John McCafferty said he didn’t file a formal complaint Monday, but he did speak with state police internal affairs. State officials said Friday that basketball hoops, located on the edge of private property but facing the street, violate the state’s Free Zone law, requiring the area immediately next to the pavement in subdivisions be free of obstructions. In a part of the confrontation captured on video by The News Journal, a woman who appears to be a state police trooper tells the McCafferty family that they can have their basketball pole back after DelDOT removes it from the ground. Moments later, after the pole is removed and put into a truck, the same trooper denies she ever made such an offer. John McCafferty said