Police Abuse and Attack Threat to Break Door Down When No Orders Exist in Peoria Arizona

A group of citizens in Arizona is interested to know what the opinions of real people and genuine souls would be concerning recently published videos of severe police abuse and political attacks going on in Arizona. This is happening while Senator John McCain is running for president and there are direct ties to McCain in collateral issues that include written contacts with McCain and the subjects in the videos protesting his associated Malfeasance as Senator of Arizona. There is substance to the allegations and too much coincidence as another case in California also has McCain directly connected to a “Gestapo” appearing a mans door after he contacts McCain’s people regarding the murder of his mother at Boswell Hospital in Sun City Arizona. The incidents in California were also made known and published on youtube. In the California case, the police unlawfully held a 13 year old girl, prisoner while attempting to lure the man from his home. In both cases, it starts with contacting McCain for help in covering up malpractice and systemic murder in Arizona and finding almost immediate attacks against those speaking out that is thwarted by the fact of videotaping the ambush, assaults and affronts made against citizens with the courage to stand up against corruption and such associated malfeasance. The question is to what severe extent these cases demonstrate liability on the City(s) involved, the counties and the State. In Bivins vs. Six Unknown Agents (case law) the obvious