Paul Watson Discusses Trilateral Commission wants War with Iran on The Alex Jones Show 1/4

Trilateral Commission Wants War With Iran Paul Joseph Watson Friday, May 14, 2010 Trilateral Commission member Mikhail Slobodovsici, a chief adviser to the Russian leadership, unwittingly provided a revealing insight into the plans of the global elite during the groups recent meeting in Dublin Ireland, when he mistakenly told a We Are Change Ireland activist he thought was a fellow TC member that the globalists are planning a war with Iran. According to Jim Tuckers fascinating report on the story, Slobodovsici also let slip to We Are Change Irelands Alan Keenan that the Trilateralists and their BIlderberg counterparts are intent on exploiting the economic crisis to finalize plans for a world government, but that this agenda is being severely hampered by so-called nationalists who are becoming increasingly aware of the impact that global government will have on their freedom and standards of living. We are deciding the future of the world, Slobodovsici told Keenan. We need a world government, he said, but, referring to Iran, said we need to get rid of them. Suddenly, Slobodovsici noticed that Keenans nametag was different from the TC label and said: I cant talk—we operate under Chatham House rules, reports Tucker. Slobodovsicis position on Iran is both alarming and surprising in equal measure, given that Russia has been generally supportive of Irans right to develop a peaceful nuclear fuel program and has directly