Patriots and Truthers got no truth or patriotism, just lie to themselves. Youre being sold out by politicians, and ‘patriots’ tell themselves the ‘truth’ that the political system will ‘save’ them! If you participate and perpetuate this political system youre an equal traitor as any of the politicians! Oh YEA! They have diversions planned for this election when they see the tide is not turning in their favor! The tratorous vermin known as ‘Glenn Beck’ and ‘Hannity’ and all the rest are corraling the sheeple back into their demican and republicrat pens! ‘Thruther patriots’ should be ASHAMED of themselves! You people who call yourselves Christians dont even care! You think you just call yourselves a ‘Christian’ and its all good? WRONG! Jesus will say ‘I never knew you, you allowed it all to happen’