Patriot Act, arrested teenager now has no rights of due process.

Patriot Act being used against its own citizens ! Granville County, NC — On March 5 at about 10:00 PM, ten heavily armed FBI agents, accompanied by three local police officers, stormed into the home of an American family and arrested a 16 year old boy on charges he made numerous bomb threats.
image The boy, Ashton Lundeby, was taken from his family’s North Carolina home, to a juvenile facility in Indiana where the threats were allegedly made.
During the raid, the FBI executed a search warrant and thoroughly searched the family home. They found absolutely nothing illegal or suspicious. No bombs, no bomb-making material or anything unlawful.
It turns out, someone hijacked the family’s internet IP address and used it to make numerous phone calls and terrorist threats.
The family has been told they have no rights to see their child and, under the USA PATRIOT ACT, the child has no rights to even defend himself. They claim the Constitution does not apply to this 16 year old, natural born, American citizen. THIS VIDEO IS NOT ABOUT IF ASHTON LUNDEBY MADE BOMB THREATS OR NOT !!! This story is about a serious violation of the Constitution by sworn officers of the government !!