Oxygen Decline – BP Algae Kill and Tree Death Globally

“Scientists Claim Global Warming Tree Deaths” www.guardian.co.uk Amazon Tree Deaths www.guardian.co.uk Fish Emulsion, a Common Fertilizer Mostly from The Gulf of Mexico and the East Atlantic, Now Tainted with BPs Oil Spill www.abovetopsecret.com This article details Ice Age Due BP Oil Spill, Which Will Obviously Harsh Plant Life europebusines.blogspot.com NOAA Harmful Algal Bloom Operational Forecast System – Absolutely No Algae Bloom Forecast by NOAA tidesandcurrents.noaa.gov Oil Slick Threatens Key Gulf of Mexico Algae and Its Ecosystem www.takepart.com How many house plants does it take to produce enough oxygen for one person? The answer given at the link below is 300-400 for a person at rest. I would enhance that answer by adding that an aeroponics garden grows veges quicker thus speeds their metabolism and oxygen production. www.mahalo.com 2′ cubed of Algae metabolizing 30kw of light yearly is enough to satisfy 1 man. aem.asm.org How to Grow Algae from Pond Water www.wikihow.com Buy Algae Culture – Chlorella www.algaedepot.com This article describes how to keep algae out of a fish tank, which is NOT what we’re trying to do, but it also states what Algae can be eaten, green algae, and what algae nothing eats, blue green algae. So it’s important that you culture a fish edible algae if you’re going to feed the algae fish poo to establish an ecosystem. www.wetwebmedia.com Chlorella wiki says Chlorella is a decent food source, easily worked. That it requires nitrates and