Outside of Hope Steffey’s Cell while being assaulted Police Video

Ok here’s a video you won’t see on the news. Please take a second to rate the video, the higher the rating the more it will show up on a search.

Here’s the cops taking Steffey to the cell to strip her naked. The quality of the video is pretty bad. It will seem to ‘skip’ frames for quite a while in some places, but then take a bunch in a row at other times. Why it does this, I don’t know. All the cameras at the sheriff’s dept seem to be in bad shape and “malfunction” right at critical moments. But as you can see after they have closed up the cell after assaulting her, they all stand around and have a good laugh.

They then IMMEDIATELY open her cell and enter it again. This time with no camera. As you can see from the video the big guy in the white shirt, stays at the door to the cell looking in all the time Steffey was being assaulted, and then he stays back around her cell afterwards, looking in….GEE, I wonder WHY?

Then afterwards he’s joined by another officer who didn’t get a chance to help strip Steffey and he starts walking down to have a look too. WHY DON’T THEY JUST SELL TICKETS?!?!?!? BUT THEN the camera seems to malfunction, and the next thing you see is a empty hall. If you see the time listed, the guys disappear in the same time frame!! WOW, …..MORE “missing” video from Stark County Sheriff’s Dept.Also thanks to Kristin Fenstemaker, Laura Rodgers, Tony Gayles, Richard T. Gurlea Jr., Andrea Mays and Brian Michaels for making ALL LEO’s look bad and putting them.

Here are the rest of the Hope Steffey videos: https://www.youtube.com/user/Zemo999/videos

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