Obama Joker posters San Antonio part 1 of 3: First Friday We Are Change SA

We Are Change – We Are Change San Antonio Part 2 here: www.youtube.com Part 3 here: www.youtube.com Obama Joker posters get put up at First Friday San Antonio. JokerBama defenders tear down posters and get confrontational. YOU CAN BE A PART OF MORDERN REVOLUTIONARY HISTORY PRINT OUT POSTERS @: www.infowars.com OR DONATE TO OUR GUERRILLA MARKETING CAMPAIGN AGAINST THE CRIMES OF THE NEW WORLD ORDER AND WE WILL POST THEM UP HERE IN SAN ANTONIO: wearechangesa.chipin.com Join us @: www.SanAntonioTRUTH.org http www.facebook.com www.WeAreChange.org http www.PrisonPlanet.TV http www.TrueWorldHistory.INFO