Obama declares “Muslims are an essential part of the fabric of our country”

Obama declares “muslims are an essential part of the fabric of our country”

What do you think, do you agree that muslims are an essential part of the United States of America?

Barack Obama celebrates ramadan with fellow muslims

Speaking Thursday at the White House reception celebrating the islam’s holiest month end of ramadan, President Obama made a point of highlighting the contributions muslims have made to American society.

After praising muslims’ contributions to the U.S. and describing the discrimination many now face in the wake of recent terrorist attacks, Obama told his guests, “And I especially want to speak to the young people who are here, to make sure that you know that we see you, that we believe in you.”

More than 100 muslim American dignitaries and guests from overseas gathered in the East Room to mark eid al-fitr, the end of a month of fasting and prayer for muslims around the globe.

Raahima Siddiqi of Virginia led by reciting the Arabic prayer, surah fatiha, the first chapter in islam’s holy book, the quran.

Obama reiterating the need for muslim Americans to “stand together” and “look out for one another.”

President Obama reaffirmed his steadfast support and respect for the muslim community in the United States. He called for tolerance of muslim Americans, while also recognizing the communities’ achievements and contributions to society.

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