NY Police beat returning soldier visiting his mother

What has the world come to? The defense has even justified the police actions here! NEW YORK (WABC) — Prosecutors have released potentially explosive evidence against an NYPD officer on trial for beating a man with his baton. That alleged victim is an Iraqi war veteran. Prosecutors are relying on the piece of video, because the alleged victim cannot be found. Nobody is disputing the beating itself, or whether it’s police brutality and whether the officer tried to cover it up. The video is high quality and crystal clear, but whether Housing Officer David London went too far is still blurry and still up to a jury. The video taken from security cameras shows the 45-year-old housing cop beating an Iraq war veteran with is baton. It happened at an Upper West Side public housing development. The alleged victim, 28-year-old Walter Harvin had just returned from Iraq and was at his mom’s apartment complex. In the video Harvin is seen shoving Officer London, and London then reacts by swinging and bashing Harvin with his baton. Even beating the ex-soldier after he’s cuffed. Prosecutors say London tried to cover-up the July 2007 assault, but defense attorneys say the officer did what he had to do. He’s charged with 2nd degree assault and filing false records. Right now the Manhattan criminal jury is tackling the question on whether London committed an act of police brutality or used necessary force to subdue a suspect. The Iraq veteran suffers from PTSD and his location is not known