NY Mosque; Air Pollution May Cause Suicides (BP?); Obama Czar Talks Ice Age; Arizona Update

Update on New York and Tennessee Mosques, Mayor Bloomberg’s statement; Check Wikipedia for what our US govt. told us caused 9/11 (Al-Qaeda, Allah, etc.); Link between air pollution, depression and suicide; World Health Organization estimates suicide will be the 2nd cause of death; Comment Re Henning Kemner’s 9-part series posted earlier today–Obama Czar, Scientist John Holdren warned in 2009 of possible coming Ice Age and coincidentally proposed forced adoptions of one’s own legitimate biological child if unwed mother refuses to have abortion. Is there a link between corexit and chemtrails-they have 2 of the same components, aluminum and barium. *Small victory for Arizona!!! :) LINKS: New York Post “Rage Unmosqued”: www.nypost.com NYC Mayor Bloomberg says investigating the ‘Mega-Mosque’ would be “un-American”: www.redstate.com Middle Tennessee city divided over proposed Islamic center: www.cnn.com Air pollution could increase risk of suicide: www.newscientist.com WHO (World Health Organization on Depression: www.who.int Corexit Warning Label: www.abovetopsecret.com Henning Kemner (Great You Tube Channel/Independent Journalist): www.youtube.com World Net Daily John Holdren and the Coming Ice Age: www.wnd.com World Net Daily Same Man John Holdren: “Seize babies born to unwed women” Proposed government force adoption if mother refused to get abortion: www.wnd.com AZfamily.com.. Small Victory for Arizona on Freeway Speed Cameras: www.azfamily.com AirFiltersandPurifiers.com