No consent to search equals police brutality and unlawful false arrest – PLEASE REPOST

Texas DPS Troopers’ Facebook page: This is Texas DPS Highway Patrol Officer David Farrell (phone number 210-410-9411) using excessive force when he didn’t get consent to search a vehicle on 11/07/2009 in Sanger Texas at exit 477 on I35. The passenger was thown to the ground, scuffing his knees and arms, and injuring his back. The officer justified his actions after the fact by saying he was going to frisk him, which didn’t happen. A K-9 unit from Corinth Texas was called in and it alerted (false alert given by the handler, Officer Carson Crow). The vehicle was then unlawfully searched without probable cause. Nothing was found but the glove box was damaged and the dog scratched the paint on the car. My friend was then arrested for RESISTING ARREST, even though he was not under arrest. This is known as a “cover charge” or “contempt of cop charge”, police use this charge when they use excessive force to leverage against you in case you sue (google it). The passenger does not use drugs, nor does the driver, his girlfriend. He was the passenger in a car pulled over for speeding, nothing more. His girlfriend had eye surgery and tried to safely pull over where she could see, off the highway, in a safe public area.