NHSPCA ignores request to check welfare of seized horses

Sponsor: PatriotInternet.com – After grabbing twelve horses from a Candia, New Hampshire homeowner…SPCA operatives ignore my request to see and videotape the horses. This vid was first shot and produced in early 2009. Video of raid shot by horse owner Brian Travis: www.youtube.com Tobuy an ad… like the one in this vid….email me: RidleyReport at live…. period com. Ad rate details: nhunderground.com RidleyReport name of advertiser dave ridley report ron paul raid dogs cats peta treatment of animals nh free state project libertarian new hampshire cooper travis liberty forum john stossel secession bureaucrat thugs states’ rights states us constitution nhspce steve sprowl brian travis porcupine david nwo first amendment right to record videotape politics rebellion political porcupines amendment anarchist v for vendetta second american revolution tyrrany thomas jefferson anarchism anarchy opppose stop new world order campaign for liberty dollar resistance protest demonstration demonstrators civil war opponents protesters alex jones police abuse cops mall cop taser wiretapping law ron paul new hampshire brian travis raid horses nhspca spca free state project peta animal cruelty welfare horses animal cruelty prevention of cruelty to animals society for the tazer don’t taze me bro dont war on drugs barry cooper prison jail intimidation amnesty international kop busters blue light gang human rights watch crime department …. Please thank our sponsor by visiting