NH: Cops block road to seize family horses?

Sponsor: jeffersonforum.net – I have a call in to Candia PD regarding accusations that law enforcement there blocked a public road in pursuit of an animal welfare investigation. If a blockage occurred, it’s not clear yet whether it was aimed against friends of the horse owners…or the public at large. Contact info for the police chief mmcgillen at townofcandia… dot org Other breaking details nhunderground.com Disclosure: As with most stories I do…the subject of the story is someone I already know. I would describe the Travises as friends, but not friends I know all that well. Tobuy an ad like the one in this vid….email me: ridleyreport at live…. period com. Ad rate details: nhunderground.com ridleyreport name of advertiser rebellion nh free state project libertarian new hampshire liberty forum john stossel secession states’ rights states us constitution porcupine porcupines amendment anarchist v for vendetta masks anarchism anarchy opppose stop new world order police abuse cops mall cop taser tazer don’t taze me bro dont war on drugs barry cooper prison jail intimidation kop busters blue light gang human rights watch animal rights spce amnesty international campaign for liberty dollar society for the prevention of cruelty to animals resistance protest demonstration demonstrators people for the ethical treatment civil war opponents protesters alex jones second american revolution dave ridley report ron paul david nwo politics liberty forum tyrrany thomas jefferson crime department peta property rights …. Please thank our sponsor by visiting … JEFFERSONFORUM.NET