Mr Mubarak 26 yrs is Enough – كفاية -Kefaya Song 2.0-

A freedom and peaceful march song against President Mubarak’s totalitarian regime, against police brutality in Egypt, against corruption and a whole bunch of sweet details that are hardly speakable. This song is also a tribute to Ayman Nour, imprisoned for being an opposition candidate and to ‘Kareem’, a blogger sentenced on Friday 23rd of February 2007, to 4 years… including 1 year for criticizing President Mubarak. © Copyright Notice: the accompaniment you hear is a sample of a song by The Smashing Pumpkins: “Today”, available at I hope it will be considered as ‘Fair Use’, for a peaceful and humanitarian purpose. Warm regards and thanks to all those concerned: producers, record labels and fellow song writers. Ahmad Sherif / ahmadsherif