More Dead Birds Kentucky same as Arkansas – Media Downplays Find – Another WakeTF Up Video!

TIP: ~NEW~ Global Mass Animal Deaths World Wide: FAIR USE, non-profit & for education purpose only ~PLEASE study “more info” here UNFOLD TO WATCH: In Arkansas there has been close to 500 earthquakes since September 20th, massive fish kills and thousands of dead birds. Today a women found more dead birds this time in Kentucky. Chemtrails? Scalar Technology? Woman Reports Dozens of Dead birds In Her Yard Is Mass Bird and Fish Die Off Connected to Government Testing? Arkansas Game Officials Probe Mystery of Falling Birds 20-mile Fish Kill: 100000 dead fish in Arkansas River Secret CIA testing, fanatical eco-terrorists, curious aliens… the bizarre theories swirling around bird and fish deaths in Arkansas Hundreds Of Earthquakes Swarm Arkansas, Residents Blame Natural Gas Drilling Process ~subscribe: (I know him for 18 years as a good friend) ~responsible people think4themselves: 01 02 http 03 04 http 05 06 http 07 08 http 09 10 http 11 12 http 13 14 http 15 16 http 17 18 http 19 20 http 21 22 http ~Project infopowerment Truthers Alliance~ Creating New kind