www.findshawnt.com Kelly Thomas, 37, A mentally ill homeless man was savagely beaten and tasered by police on July 5th for allegedly ‘resisting arrest’. He died soon after. Will my Schizophrenic son, Shawn be the next victim of the police for “resisting arrest”? My son, Shawn Tischler, is 30 and is Schizophrenic. He has been missing for over 60 days now. He is not homeless by choice but his lack of medications causes disorientation, confusion and memory loss. He is delusional and may be calling himself “Maynard” He does not think he is ill and he will not seek help. He wandered off on May 26th from his home at the board and care on Weidner St in Pacoima when they failed to properly supervise his medications. If Shawn is stopped by the police, in his mental condition, he may not understand or be able to follow their orders. The police would consider this “resisting arrest” After 30 days of wandering the streets off his medications Shawn Tischler was arrested by the Long Beach Police at the Aquarium on June 26th for no apparent reason. He was then left in the lobby of the Police station to wander off into the night instead of getting the critical medical help he needed. He has not been seen since and his family is grief stricken. The police have shown a general lack of concern for the health and safety of the homeless and particularily those with mental illness. Is Shawn Tischler to be the next to be a victim of police abuse for “resisting arrest.” The police have failed to