Mexicos infamous corrupt police, press and drug cartel nexus

Soldiers raiding a drug gang safe house in northern Mexico found money-stuffed envelopes earmarked for various police forces and one marked for the “press.” Four people were arrested and over $5 million in US and Mexican currency was seized during the raid on Monday in the industrial city of Monterrey. Soldiers, acting on an anonymous tip, also seized drugs, money counting machines, cell phones and five vehicles. Monterrey and the surrounding state of Nuevo Leon, which borders Texas, have been a focus of the federal government’s crackdown on police corruption. The cash and seized items were displayed at military barracks north of the city, with dozens of white envelopes containing some of the cash arranged in rows on a table. Envelopes at the front of the rows had yellow post-it notes with the names of police precincts in Monterrey and other municipal forces in Nuevo Leon state. One was boldly labeled “press.”Army officials refused to say more about what the money was intended for, declining to comment beyond the statement.