London Riots and Some Amazing Gameplay!

This video starts off slow as usual, but does pick up! PLEASE RED!!!!^^^^^^^^^^^^^ My first video in a VERY long time. I quickly touch on some of the things on my mind revolving these riots. I don’t go into too much depth due to lack of research/knowledge and tiredness due to how late it was. After checking the news this morning, the figures are totally different, and around 650 people have been arrested, but the number of police officers seriously injured is still rising. Counter argument to the idea of army presence: What?? You wanna take a tank into the streets of London? That’s madness! Innocent people roam those streets. Well, yea, but they’re only hindering the clean up process. They’re making work difficult for police, and no one should be on the streets endangering themselves. If you roll a tank in and someoen gets hurt, good riddance to them, they’re a high chance they were scum. By doing so, we reduce the number of casulites in other cites and control the riots in London at a quicker rate. Let’s be honest, would you wanna risk it if we had a similar (but more merciful) mindset to China? I hope you enjoyed the video, even if the commentary was disorganized, the gameplay still rocked some ass! Don’t forgot to drop a thumbs up if you liked it, and a dislike if you think I can improve.