London Calling – Clash (Riots)

The riots supposedly started due to the shooting of a man. Now people are saying they are tired of the unemployment, the poverty, the inequality and the abuse of power. Those are definitely things to be tired of, but you are destroying your own neighborhoods. The rich don’t care what you destroy, they have enough money to replace it a hundred times over, but the common businessman does not have these kinds of funds and you are taking away from a person who was just like you and worked hard to get ahead. We all like to think that we know what causes people to react. There is mob mentality out there, but we are a social species and it is bound to happen. Police abuse exists around the world, there is no lie about that. People in power have the power to abuse and though it is our God given right to fight back in the face of abuse, regular people are not the enemy. A police officer giving you a citation is not the enemy, he is doing his job. A police officer trying to cause physical damage to you… well that my friends is the enemy because just like a normal person would, no one would allow anyone to touch them in a way they refuse to be touched. The rich are rich because we allow them to be. Our ancestors lived without purchasing their goods. Without living outside of their means. We all want more, but what we want is not always what we need. If you want to fight back don’t purchase their goods. Be self sufficient and start a neighborhood garden or purchase from mom and pop