Libya – 02 Mar 2011, The Battle For Brega, 02/03/2011

Google translation: URGENT: Battle erupted in a region near the city of Brega and the despotic regime of Ajdabiya Uses aircraft and heavy weapons. Surprised by the people of the Brega, which lies 60 kilometers from the city of Ajdabiya. Access to 150 vehicles covered by an armed military aircraft and carried out immediately with Bataleg fire. Random on each of the interlocutors of the innocent people of the region woke up and called in Bakhunhm City Ajdabiya for their support in time captured by mercenaries at the airport. After the arrival of all people carrying arms in the city of Ajdabiya to the area of rebels could Brega 17 February brought the airport. The clashes happened between the sons of the Libyan people and mercenaries in the military aircraft Bombardment on the youth revolution. At the same time, military aircraft bombing the funniest city Ajdabiya an attempt to cut Alamdeddat that link the city of Ajdabiya and the rebels managed to hit one of the planes. Connect fired and equipment arrived from all large cities to be liberated from the control of new Brega on the area and captured a number of mercenaries and traitors, collaborators with the regime. Casualties: Residents of Benghazi told Al Jazeera that at least 200 people had died, while the New York-based Human Rights Watch put the countrywide death toll at a “conservative” 104 on 19 February, while an update on 22 February stated that there were at least 62 casualties. They also suggested the actual deaths



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