LA Sheriff Threatens To Submit Photographer to FBI’s Hit List

If you happened to see Rick Sanchez’s biased and fabricated broadcast of this encounter, you should know that he left out very important facts in order to slant the story to his opinion and publicly smear me. His producer, Janelle Griffin, was also very upset that I decided to not do the show. and started screaming at me over the phone, threatening to make me look terrible, which Rick succeeded at doing by severely cutting the footage. But let’s not forget that this is the same Rick Sanchez that struck a man with his vehicle in 1990, and like a spineless coward, left the scene. Rick’s hit and run victim later died from injuries that were caused by the accident. According to Sanchez’s attorney, the alcohol in Sanchez’s system at the time of the accident was due to Sanchez going home to calm his nerves with a couple of drinks. Sure Rick. Important facts that Rick Sanchez left out of his Bias Broadcast: -Gylfie lied by stating MTA has a policy against photography. Photography is allowed on the Metro. -Gylfie threatened to submit my name to the TLO. -Gylfie threatened to disrupt the rest of my life by submitting my name to the FBI’s “hit list”. -Gylfie made inaccurate claims that the London bombings were planted and that the terrorists took photos beforehand. None of which is true. The attack was conducted by suicide bombers, bombs weren’t planted, and the attackers only did a trial run–which did not include taking photos. -Gylfie did not just do a physical pat down, but