Kelly Ayotte dodges questions about Casey Sherman movie, “Bad Blood” Bowfinger or Bad Blood5 Video: NH US Senate Candidate Kelly Ayotte threatens arrest over “Bad Blood” book, movie questions. She’s Sarah Palin’s best friend. It’s scary. Lots of Republican money. Can’t get past them, like Scylla and Charybdis 29 August 2010 Kelly Ayotte caught on KingCast video: Refuses to discuss Casey Sherman’s book and movie “Bad Blood,” threatens to arrest reporter. Bowfinger 5 is coming up. She and her inner circle of tools gave me the bum’s rush and threatened me with arrest even though it was a public event and I offered to pay the $10. That’s because she has a history of ignoring Right-to-Know, she never saw to it that a 2006 Report issued, and she was nailed in this Ethics Investigation. Meanwhile someone asked if I was a bigot, and I duly informed them that I am not, but I asked whether Kelly Ayotte is a bigot, given her close association with fired Jaffrey Police Chief Martin J. Dunn, who: 1. Failed to help blacks feel comfortable in Jaffrey, NH, according to a local business owner. 2. Laughed a hate mail that accused me of being a “coconut head racist… you’re about to be bubba’s bitch… better get dat vasoline ready.” That was during Kelly Ayotte’s failed attempt to prosecute me for Unauthorized Practice of Law, just after her idiot LE friend Martin Dunn nol-prossed a bogus case of Attempted Felony Extortion against me after I exposed police abuse under his watch. It’s all here in the seminal Martin Dunn/Kelly