Jesse Ventura: “DHS is harassing me for covering JFK’s murder” 1/2

Daily News @ RevolutionNews.US ~ Exclusive Jesse Ventura Talks with Alex Jones About Government Harassment of His TV Show. In an exclusive interview on the Alex Jones Show today, Jesse Ventura will talk about the US military’s attempt to undermine his popular TruTV show, “Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura.” Jesse was prevented from filming a stand-up in front of the Eternal Flame at Arlington National Cemetery for an episode on government involvement in the JFK assassination. Despite the military ban, Ventura managed to film the segment. “I did it anyway,” he told the Minneapolis Star Tribune. “They felt I offended them with my last series, because I look into government things, Conspiracy Theory, my TV show,” Ventura told Ann Sharpsteen of Scripps News. Sharpsteen posted a video of her interview with Ventura on YouTube earlier in the week (see video below). Ventura told Sharpsteen he went through “proper channels” in order to film at the Eternal Flame. He was subsequently told by the military that he would not be allowed to film “because we don’t like your television show,” accord to Ventura. The US Army’s Public Affairs Office in Los Angeles, which acts as a liaison to the entertainment industry, told Kevin Diaz of the Minneapolis Star Tribune that JFK’s final resting place is “hallowed ground” and off limits to the media. “We don’t allow stand-ups next to the eternal flame for anyone,” explained Ken Hawes, director of the US Army’s Public Affairs Office. JFK’s