Is this the worst game show host in the world?

Fergie Olver and his wife Catherine Swing hosted 1980s children’s game show “Just Like Mom”. Catherine Swing was the 1978 Miss Canada and in 1980 she created the game show “Just Like Mom” which challenged three teams consisting of a mom (occasionally a father) and her child to to compete in answer matching and a Bake-off Challenge. It was originally hosted by Stephen Young (The assassin from Soylent Green) but then Fergie Olver decided he’d like to take over as host with his wife. What do YOU think about the way he carried on with the young girls? How do you think his wife must have felt when she saw him flirting with these children. Do you think she was okay with it? What would you have done if your daughter was on a game show and the host started acting like this?