Is Judo Fake?

Is Judo Fake? No, Judo is not fake. Watch this and imagine these throws being used against an attacker, where they land on their head on concrete, then let us know what YOUR decision is, or simply Google Judo in fight or anything close and you’ll see it used via cell phone video, surveillance cameras and news footage. Again, watch these YouTube videos and let us know, if you got slammed on concrete that hard, when you awoke in the hospital with a severe concussion at best, would you think it to be fake?


As in how? That they don’t actually throw their opponents and that they pretend to instead?

I hope no one’s jumping on the MMA-originated bandwagon that unless it’s used in MMA, it’s a “fake” martial art

Judo competition has been around a very long time and has proven itself an efficient combat sport

Do you think they would put a fake sport in the Olympics?

Nothing about judo is remotely fake. Not the throws, not the submissions, not the pins.

The competitors are some of the toughest, best conditioned athletes in the world.

And it is extremely rough sports and very hard on the body.

Dwight Woods. I’ve trained martial arts for over 4 decades