Is it possible to disarm the entire American population?

Would it be possible to disarm the entire American population, if the Second Amendment was repealed and all firearms were made illegal for civilian ownership and use?


While normally I say “anything is possible”.

It is NOT possible to disarm the citizens of the US.


IF the government were ever foolish enough to destroy the constitution to try this there would be a new government within weeks.

For one, MOST police officers and military members believe in their RIGHT to keep and bear arms. Plus, they all took the same oath I did – I, do solemnly swear, to support and defend the Constitution of the United States. That means that politicians trying this insane idea will automatically have MILLIONS of ARMED OPPONENTS; including the ones they delude themselves into believing will help them.

So, since the LEOs and military personnel are on my side; who’s left to come disarm me?

A politician?

A lawyer?

An actor?


Disarm America Gun Ban in the USA

Danny Donahue

This commentary was from Danny Donahue, The CryptoNinja-At-Large formerly known as Rev Cozmo