Is it okay that Democrats are hoping the president dies of covid?

please die please die please die time to die please i’m worried this might interfere with my dream of seeing him die in prison for once i’m rooting for the virus die since president trump and melania tested positive for kovid you’d think this would mean the loving left that’s obsessed over this virus would wish him well right wrong what they’re doing instead is far more evil and will make you sick to your stomach the left is celebrating this terrible news and wishing death on the president and first lady and it’s not just any leftist doing the celebrating it’s blue check mark verified democrats calling on the virus to take out the 45th president.

now keep in mind these are the same people who have been claiming that we’re not taking the virus seriously these are the same people who said you couldn’t go to work couldn’t go to church and couldn’t send your kids to school because they just care so much about people dying but we all know that was a lie and this video is going to prove the left never cared a thing about human lives let me dive right in and read you some of these tweets to show you how truly depraved these people are.

daniel golson tweeted i don’t feel bad about hoping he dies because i’ve been hoping that since 2015. blue checkmark lisa curry wrote i hope he suffers through this and dies as he’s losing on election night my god sober robb tweeted lmfao trump gonna die rob hoffman writes he killed two hundred thousand people hope he dies a horrible death who did he kill these tweets i’ve read you aren’t just written from random people online they are all from verified accounts on twitter and these tweets are just scraping the surface.

i’m going to read you a lot more in a minute some of which are even from congressional candidates in the washington post as you guys know i have so many things i want to say about how evil these people are but i know if i tell you what i really think on here it might get me banned if you want to watch my full uncensored opinions on this topic and more visit right now because boy is there a lot i have to say.

these are the same people that just last week were telling us it’s insulting and inhumane to replace ruth bader ginsburg in the supreme court so soon after she died so they selectively cared about human life then but not a week later or maybe what they really mean to say is that they only care about democrat lives and not republican ones do you guys remember when a girl told me this at the university of central florida last month i hope you get corona and die for not wearing the right mask why am i supposed to believe the party that burns down businesses and puts millions of people out of work this year care a thing about human life why have we let them hold our country hostage all year and get away with it all they care about is their political agenda and they are willing to do and support anything to get their way and with that.

let me read you some more disgusting tweets that i came across congressional candidate steve cox tweeted i hope they both die but that wasn’t his only tweet after he got called out he doubled down and wrote what if in the end both candidates die and covet ends up saving the world let’s rapid fire through the rest of these because there are just so many awful tweets that i want to show.

you i hope they all die i’m not naming names so i’m not violating twitter’s policy against wishing anyone harm no but seriously i hope he dies a nice thing about this is that he’s still around to see how happy we’re all gonna be when he dies i’m not one to laugh at other people’s suffering but hahahaha burn in hell you mother effort please die please die please die time to die please i’m worried this might interfere with my dream of seeing him die in prison for once i’m rooting for the virus die this mother effort better die so trump got coveted huh well if he dies he dies i was about to go to bed but y’all out here giving off big energy hoping a man is gonna die if he dies it is what it is i only ever wanted you to suffer i hope they die wow real petty of you man you had a chance to be a good person here and take the high road but you didn’t disappointing just kidding lol hope he dies slow i don’t want the current powers of the gop to rally behind someone savvier and more civilized than trump because we’re already in enough trouble as it is but i’m not gonna pretend and be polite here i hope trump effing dies a painful covet death and i’m not sorry i will say i do hope he dies there is a god tweeted an espn reporter shouldn’t have tested i don’t think his story is going to have a happy ending karma with the late endorsement of joe biden i want donald trump to live long enough to be thoroughly humiliated at the polls in november and then he can effing die.

it would be so so so narratively satisfying if trump dies of covid right now it would be essentially a novel if donald trump dies a painful corona death this should be the music playing as he enters the gates of hell i hope trump’s diagnosis wakes his supporters up to the reality of the pandemic and also that it makes him suffer and die gun control advocate cameron caskey tweeted i hope you get a mutation of the virus that makes your anus fall off and then he uploaded this really disturbing video look hey twitter it is not often that somebody owns up to a mistake and i want to be a better person because i take all of you on twitter very seriously it is not funny that that trump has coronavirus it’s not why is he in front of a toilet and then to put the icing on top of the cake here’s what the washington post tweeted out after news began to spread about trump’s diagnosis imagine what it will be like to never have to think about donald trump again wow the democrats are so gleeful about this because they think his campaign is going to tank now that he tested positive but they are so naive that they don’t realize normal common sense americans are going to be mortified by the left’s response to trump’s diagnosis.

this is going to do nothing but make more people want to vote for him because they know the alternative is to vote for a party that literally wishes death upon their adversaries that’s why this upcoming election is so crucial and that’s why president trump needs our support now more than ever this election is about so much more than who’s just going to be in the white house this election is about the survival of our country the left has gotten way too radicalized and can’t be trusted with any amount of power we need to show all the support we can for donald trump and we need to be loud you can get really awesome new pro trump and pro america t-shirts at store right now to proudly declare your support for our 45th president.

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