Is Candace Owens running for Vice President? VIDEO

Well, you heard it from the lips of Candace Owens herself, she would like to run as Donald Trump’s Vice President of the United States of America. Would you vote for a Trump, Owens ticket?

One more question, because I’m sure you’ve gotten this question tons of times but are you going to run in 2024 and if so can i be your vice president oh that’s very interesting wow what a
good choice that would be that would be fantastic trump wins 24. so yeah i think that’s a great i would be huge you would be fantastic and you know i really appreciate the job you do and
everybody does the answer is I’m absolutely enthused i look forward to doing an announcement at the right time as you know it’s very early but i think people are going to be very very happy uh when i make a certain announcement and you know for campaign finance reasons you really can’t do it too early because it becomes a whole different thing otherwise i’d give you an answer that i think you’d be very happy with but uh so we are looking at that very very seriously and uh all i say is stay tuned.
Yeah I guess we’ll take you out your word and that means that in 2024 Trump and Owens are gonna be on the ticket.
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