Is Black Lives Matter a political party?

Yes. Yes Black Lives Matter is a political party.

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is black lives matter a political party

They’ve been a wing of the Democrats and of the far-left Twitter mega monopoly run by far-left socialist Jack Dorsey for 6 years now. They’ve simply claimed more political power now that Twitter has decided to openly sponsor them (because Jack Dorsey and Deray McKesson are close friends and after 6 years, finally enough shootings happened for them to collect a major payday).

Twitter rejoices when police brutality happens to black people, knowing that they make money from it via the BlackLivesMatter hashtag. Knowing that the content is viral, Jack and Deray celebrate violence against black people. It makes them rich.

In turn, their money is used to buy more corporate support, to buy politicians, to buy activists, it’s all a corporate advertising scheme designed to profit off of black deaths, and to buy part of the Democratic Party. Now, if Twitter were regulated – and it will be soon – to be an open, unrestricted platform, all of BLM’s political power would, and will, evaporate in the face of hard, unrestricted criticisms.

That’s why there’s an impetus amongst all leftists to censor any criticism as “unverified conspiracy” – not because it isn’t true but because it lowers their ability to make money spreading BLM lies.

Leftists cannot win arguments, so they censor people, call them racist when they aren’t, and otherwise try to get them fired from their jobs, get their businesses shut down. But Republicans are getting smart, and soon we’ll have a Civil War.

When we win the Civil War, America will be a Republican Only nation. We’ll get back everything that the leftists stole from us.

This op-ed was written by Craig Brittain, (Ph.D. Computer Science & Journalism) who claims to be “Most Censored Person On The Entire Internet. Ever.

Just as Antifa pretends to not be an organization at all, I am certain that any member or supporter of BLM, the most popular and successful branch of the Democratic Party, would deny the fact that they are militant and unified in their support of the DNC. Surprisingly, in light of their part in the recent destruction of many Democratic-controlled cities, they have become a popular political party, worldwide.

Thanks to the constant propaganda of the mainstream media, BLM has managed to avoid being labeled as responsible for the looting, the arson, the vandalism, and murders of the past few weeks. Time after time, we are told to believe that BLM led a legitimate protest that sprang up spontaneously after the death of George Floyd. Anyone who would suggest any connection between the BLM of 2020 and those terrorists who chanted, “Pigs in a blanket” is condemned as racist.

MON: Thousands Attend Peaceful Black Lives Matter Protest In ABQ ...

It will be interesting to see how BLM is seen in three months, after Minneapolis, Washington, DC, NYC, and Louisville attempt to rebuild, following weeks of violent riots.

Charles Clemens: Rosicrucian B.S. Psychology. Former Social Worker at Michigan State. Lives in Sevierville, TN
Charles has edited ten books on Southern Praying Mantis Kung Fu, Hakka Boxing, Iron Ox Boxing, Chu Gar, Som Bo Gin, and Buddha Hands.
Black Lives Matter is an enemy of the black community which are Americans like everybody else living in America legally. This is the greatest country for black people to live in. Do you think there is another country that would not be persecuting blacks and all demonstrators causing fires, damage and looting? People causing all fires, damage and theft could care less about the black community.
Kerry Kenney, Studied Public Education, Lives in Illinois.

It is a wing of the Democrat Party as much of its donations go too Democrat Party Candidates and the DNC itself. Zero to Republicans.

Howard RobinsonAuthor. MD from Saint Louis University School of Medicine. Lives in Miami
It’s a terrorist activist arm of the Democrat party. Only Black Lives Matter enforce the Law of Anarchy in the Communist Bolshevik style of old for the Democrat Party. This terrorist organization will be used for all slaves of America to officially register with the Democrat party and pledge total allegiance to them if and when Joe Biden becomes the ruling President. Then you have immunity from the Mob IF you tote the political party line as their slave.
Paul Fishman: Adjudication Litigation Legal (1989-present) Studied at Franklin University. Lives in Columbus, OH

Clearly is has become a political front for the DNC. I gave $ to BLM early on and it went to Biden in a back door scheme via ActBlue. No more $ for this Trojan Horse.

Black Lives absolutely matter but I no longer support #blacklivesmatter.

…. Very sad this sham.

David Brown, Financial and Tax Business

I have traditionally been a flaming moderate politically believing in the American dream and the wisdom of our constitution. I lean right of center on economics/defense and left of center on social liberties. I am registered as an independent but have generally caucused with the Democratic Party. That has changed over the last few years as the Democratic Party has left me and I had to #walkaway. I now believe that the progressive left is an existential threat to our republic and will leverage my time and significant resources to stop their path of destruction. Very sad to see the party of Kennedy abandon its mission and as a result, I for the first time ever will vote for team Red in 2020.

Socialism has never worked anywhere – ever. Socialism is responsible for conservatively 100m worldwide fatalities under the boot of central statist elites. Socialism and Democratic Socialism are exactly the same thing. Socialism is Theft.

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