Interview with Elderly Women Attacked by Police, G20 Toronto, June 2010

We witnessed two elderly women being attacked by the police at the corner of University and College, during the G20 summit in Toronto. We asked them to explain what happened. This is their story. Surrounded by cops from opposite directions the women found themselves trapped, unable to follow the commands being hurled at them from the police themselves: Move, Move. Move. The assault they experienced after makes no sense. It remains unexplained and unaccounted for. Thankfully, neither of the women were hurt. This makes for a relatively minor act of police brutality that took place around the summit. To learn about more experiences, many far more severe (with broken bones, blood; gas and bullets), share your own story, or file a complaint visit: Demand a G20 independent public inquiry Learn more about the activities and issues surrounding the G8/G20 visit: A great piece for those who weren’t there on the streets. We need you to read this: