Important Information on Self Defense & Personal Security Products

Though there is no alternative to be street smart and possessing good sense to avoid any attack, but incidents do occur. What is more, all the crimes do not take place under veil of darkness! It can take place at home, workplace while jogging through the park or as you entered your car in an underground parking space after hours.

Do not learn safety rules simply by accidents, buy self defense products and be prepared to counter any attack on you. Nowadays almost everyone has realized the need for personal defense products.

Even though entire spectrum of activities undertaken by you to protect yourself are appreciable but one should not forget that some alternative are more effective than others. Stun guns are convenient, consistent and safe tools of defense.

The stun guns,send a voltage of electricity through the assailant’s body that obstruct their muscles function, prohibiting them to move and gives you the time to get away safely. Use of stun guns swiftly contracts the muscles of the assailant which result in loss of energy and exhaust his muscles as he starts feeling scarcity of blood sugars. As the assailant is unable to produce energy for his muscles and feels tired, his body is unable to function properly for over an hour. Ultimately the assailant will fell on the ground in unconscious state and will take several minutes to recover. This gives you ample of time to run for help.

If firing a stun gun makes you feel painful, then there are other alternatives available in market, such as pepper spray, tasers, OC spray and mace spray. Tasers put your assailant out of action for the time being by delivering a powerful electrical impulse that disturbs his central nervous system activity. They give a short circuit effect on the body which gives you the time to escape from the clutches of assailants. The best part of this unique product is that victims will have total memory loss about the incident and its use does not cause permanent harm to the victim. Tasers just need a minute or so to reload. Most of the current Tasers feature a touch-stun mode that changes the Tasers into hand-held stun batons.

The home security product industry is experiencing a firm rise over the years as life is becoming more prone to danger. You are not safe even in your home! You need a home security product to give you and your family better peace of mind? Yes a couple of years back, you may rely on your personal and home security to your wits and strong vocal cords but with the advent of innovative fire arms and sophisticated weapons you need something more to deter the criminals.

Often when you unfold the pages of your newspaper there are stories about children being abducted during midnight, while, parents were sleeping soundly down the hall. You quickly skipped to other pages and got startled by the stories of old parents being brutally beaten and left for dead by intruders. It can be frightening when you think about the possible threats you are exposed nowadays even at home. Buy surveillance camera and security alarm and bid farewell to endless nights you have spend in tossing, turning and wondering if you and your loved ones are safe from harm!

Now, you can even install a hidden camera in your home to ensure protection of your family even in your absence. And the best part of all…these hidden cameras are almost undetectable. With security alarm system you can sleep soundly at night as they are sufficient to scare off any intruder and keep you and your family secure. You will be cautioned as soon as any burglar is noticed.