I almost get shot by NYPD Cop … Actual Recording

When stopped by a New York City cop that stepped out into the street with a flash light, I was approached and asked for my driver license which I produced. I was than told to pull to the side and wait. When the officer returned he instantly tells me to step out of my vehicle, and when I ask to know the reason I am being asked to exit my vehicle… I soon after find myself about to be shot by a cop that has placed me outside my vehicle with the claim it was for his safety. These are the length New York City police officers will take to meet their monthly quotas of 20 summons and at least 1 arrest. This has happened countless times and I am tired of being ticketed, my life threatened and financially exploited by the Police Department and their officers A heroic cop from the 41st precinct in the Bronx has gone public to reveal that the police department does indeed have quotas and officers are pressured to stop and search, ticket and arrest innocent people as well as children if they do not want to suffer consequences on the job Officer Adil Polanco has restored my diminished faith in the police department as he has shown me there is a chance that the people can come together and demand that the NYPD be revamped so that it can serve the community rather than exploit it. This officer has indeed put himself both in financial and physical peril by going public with something citizens have long suspected but could never prove. He has stated flat out that the police are not here